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Portfolio - Milolorian Entertainment & Productions
Video & Photography Projects
Check out the music videos, corporate events & artists promotional videos
Music Videos

Take a moment to view music videos I created. From Pre-production Planning through all the steps to Post-production and distribution, I assist artists/performers with turning their vocals, music, lyrics and vision for their song into high quality professional videos. 

I specialize in filming the video and working with the artist to create the final product.  Then it's on to digital distribution with techniques to engage an audience to view them!

Promo Videos for Artists

For these projects, I accompanied the artist to their gigs.  I created and edited the promotional video.

As artists perform in new venues, I continue to film them to create new videos showcasing the various venue settings.

Sammy Veléz Solo Promo Video
Corporate  Videos

In this project, I created, planned & delivered training to the sales team on Insight Selling.  Their final project to demonstrate understanding was to present their product (beverages) to co-workers & get donations for American Cancer Society.  The team with the highest amount collected won the event.  I filmed, photographed, & created the video of their presentations.

Property Videos

For these projects, I take photos of the outside and inside of the property and transform them into a video to be posted on booking sites. 

I work with professionals for the drone video captures.

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